august 2002 archive

Thursday, August 29, 2002

::my cat has asthma::

...but that has nothing to do with what i'm thinking right now. the carpet people (see previous post) never showed.
(my cats are fighting right now. monty is so vocal--it always sounds like he is getting the crap beat out of him. but, they love each other. monty is the one who has asthma. i don't suppose the extra activity is good for him--he wheezes sometimes. am i a bad mom?)
the bedroom furniture is being delivered when we get back from vacation.

ciao! i must pack!

Tuesday, August 27, 2002

::waiting for::

vacation (saturday!),

carpet repair people (by noon),
a new job (tba),
my piano to come home (2 weeks!),
bucca di beppo (thursday!),
new bedroom furniture (tomorrow!),
a queen sized box spring (tba),
a finished paint job (who knows: i've been painting the bathroom for 3 months & ran out of paint. that's not just 3 months straight of painting. more like 3 times in as many months.)
my paycheck (friday!),
school to start (friday!),
mexico (end of september!),
to leave my current job (end of september...i think),
my online book order placed 3 weeks ago (tba),
the carpet repair people (still),

::not waiting for...::
the bills (uninvited, they just SHOW UP!),

sears repairman (he left about 2 hours ago. looked like val kilmer w/a mullet & hearing aids..eh, shiver),
another cat (2 is enough right now),
the plumber (he left at 8:30),
the electrical repair guy (he left about 11:00...and my lights will still dim when I turn the vacuum on, oc is so cheap these days, i guess--cheap wiring),
godot (thank you lhhs senior honors english),
a job @ new england financial (did'ya watch office space, mike?),
happiness (true joy is NOW, not later),
the cable bill (we stopped watching tv...but we still rent movies),

the carpet repair people (starting @ noon, that is,...their window was 7:30-12:00!)

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

::resume = toilet paper::

...or something to that affect. yesterday i interviewed 3 times. my time spent on pondering the future as a financial advisor is over. thank you mike at NEF. E-nough. it was something out of a movie, almost. mike came into the office with the intent of scaring the crap out of me with this job & it worked, thank you very much (for nothing). when i left, both of us knew (i wasn't shy about how i felt) that i wouldn't take the job if it was the last job on earth. yes, i want more money, BUT i don't want to work for a jerk. what a bizarre interview. he is the inspiration though for today's title: his calling card, his raison d'etre, is to inform applicants that their resumes are toilet paper to him. well, great. so, why did YOU call ME? enough on that. i couldn't wait to get out of that building.

on the flip side, i interviewed w/ octfcu on the spot after dropping of my resume to them in person. earth to job: please call me in a week or so--before i go on vacation....

Sunday, August 11, 2002

::sun day::

how beautiful the night
recall the time before you were born
i was here, inside you
listening to all the different noises that surrounded us
me--fully alive & you--still waiting for the work to be finished
how many months were labored on you
i forgot, after your birth
what it was like to sit still


here i am, now,
writing, half-dressed, in the chilly quiet of the evening
my paper lit only by lamplight shining from across the street
how beautiful the night

Saturday, August 10, 2002


7:50am time to get ready for work. sit down in front of computer & procrastinate a little longer. already accomplished a miracle today. fed cats while sleepwalking. discovered cat food left on counter from the night before. sniff sniff. should be ok. (secretly wonder if this makes me a bad mom...am i poisoning my kids to save a few cents?) ponder life without saturday work days. sounds good. remind self to finish resume & turn in to the credit union. ASAP. FYI, i'm so leaving the bank. love the customers. my customers. they ask for me, y'know? so disliking the environment. might settle down in december, but it's really bad. negative. must leave sooner. plus this job pays more. so there.

7:56am still typing away at this. should leave in 15 minutes. still have bed head & horrible breath. josh is still passed out in bed. lucky him.

7:57am should go. don't want to. don't have a choice. maybe i can play catch up today. "Yeahhhhh, we're going to need you to come in on Saturday too. We lost a lotta people this week and we sorta haveta play catchup, yeahhhh. Oh, and we're going to need you to come in on Sunday, too. Yeahhhh, that'd be great. Thanks." (Lumberg, Office Space) Yeah, sometimes watching that movie is like therapy. (for the record: i'd don't really hate my job THAT much)

8:00am times up.

Sunday, August 04, 2002


presently i am doing something that my hairdresser may have to fix in a week. or tomorrow. it depends on how everything turns out. I dyed my hair dark auburn (it's darker now than i want it to be, but reds fade, so what do you do. didn't know 20 minutes would be too long). now, I have a cap on & am highlighting my hair. don't you know it's taking forEVer?! if I stop now, I'll only be at orange, & that's no good. at least erin hasn't called about signs. or has she? the 3 of us (including josh) are off to check out the new m night shyamalan flick. funny, mel gibson is in it, but i haven't thought of it as his movie.

either way, it's a lazy sunday. cheers to that!

ps indeed my hair has orange highlights. though, honestly, i think they look ok. kudos to erin for the warning: if i had waited much longer to rinse out my hair (i wanted golden blonde highlights) my hair could very well have disintegrated.... will have to get this fixed before i go for an interview. b (my hairdresser) will scold me for sure. ("what was i thinking?")

Saturday, August 03, 2002

::living & breathing::

oh it's great to be alive! this week was incredibly unreal. whitney houston, bobby brown, & kenny (aka babyface) were at the studio. it is a blur now, and we are all left reeling in their wake. woah. what an unexpected blessing. unfortunately, they ditched memphis & prefer cheesecake factory's version of cajun/soul food. it's ok: we still love you memphis! at least now i can rest easy: i'm no longer posing as a studio gopher when the sun goes down. oh, sleep! beautiful, wonderful sleep!

still planning our trip to oregon to visit my folks in september. perhaps i'll have a new job by then. wouldn't that be sweet? started clearing out today and making my to do lists of all i need to tie up. two & a half pages later in my composition book & i am amazed. who would have thought i had that much to do? new job or not, i need to get organized before vacation.

cats are cuddled up peacefully in the hallway while i type. mango lays on his back, peering at me through tiny slits. monty had an asthma attack this morning that woke me up. he goes back on prednisone at this untimely sign. the weather is warm now, so this is an unusual occurance. speaking of cats, i do need someone to feed them while we are away or housesit if they are willing. any takers? (this refers to friends of course, not strangers!) email me. it's the first week in september.