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Thursday, February 24, 2005


it's shortly after 5 and i'm feeling like a lump. after last night on ai, i've kind of slumped around all day feeling sorry for myself, considering all the work i've done to make my site shine and be all "go judd!". i'm no expert when it comes to coding: more of a hack, really. so i cut and paste my template into notepad and toggle back and forth between blogger previews and lines upon lines of text. i really should get dreamweaver, josh says, but i guess i's just lazy.

so, american idol is in it's fourth season, and some folks said farewell to us last night. i'm furious about the way judd was let go at the end of the show. whatever the motive behind the producers' decision to cut the show in such a way as to lead us to believe that the bottom row of "boys" was safe, and then announce "judd, you're out" was unbelievably heartless. seacrest, you're not The Donald, so stop coming off like you're sending contestants "down to the street"! reality shows have certainly got out of hand, but america's watching and fox got their ratings, so the big wigs are coddled and that's what counts, right?

those feelings aside, one has to understand just how extraordinarily difficult it is to make it in the music industry. there are a ton of talented musicians out there and only a handful who successfully land a record deal. believe me, i've watched trespassers william struggle up the ladder for seven years now, and they're no where near household name status. on the other hand, they've got a record deal, anna-lynne sang on a track from the latest chemical brothers album, and the band has their own page in the itunes store! hel-LO! i have to say, IF anna-lynne auditioned for american idol, i don't think she would have made it as far as judd. saying that has absolutely nothing to do with her amount of talent, rather, the objective of a tv show and the "mainstream" tastes of americans (those who voted for ai). i digress....

in the words of peter gabriel, "don't give up".

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

::wha' happened?::

knowing the results already, and watching the show, is SO painful. these contestants really worked hard to make it as far as they did, and they should be proud! but singing once more, knowing that you've already been ousted from the finals, hearing the critiques, that is SO harsh! (and, thank you mr. brilliant-host-guy for just observing that same factoid on tv. humm...esp?)

so, 15 minutes to go, and if you're on the 'net you've probably looked for spoilers already. after this afternoon's remodel on the 'muse, and getting hopes up for weeks of promoting judd in all his excellence, my heart is just sinking to the floor. and, in the same line of thinking as those who still have bumper stickers on their cars toting the kerry/edwards duo, i'm not ready to shed my support for judd. i've never met you, but i feel like i know you. and you were classy and dignified up to the very last second. i'm proud of you!

i've added judd's nyc band to my "notable" list of links to the left. please visit, and if you live in new york, go see their next show!

::moment of truth::

it is obvious (if not to the faithful fans & friends, then to all of america who watches the show) that judd belongs in the top 10 that will remain tonight on AI. monday was truly my first peek at the energetic lad, and, quelle surprise! i honestly had no clue what i would be in store for as kidchamp had yet to hint at his musical style. my goodness! i see a lot of brian setzer in him/his performance, and of course i understand the comparisons to elvis presley. he performed with loads of enthusiasm, which is more than i can say for at least half of the contestants i watched on monday.

who do you think needs to be cut from the boys? anthony, constantine, jared, and scott.

who do do you think needs to be cut from the girls? not sure: i was in statistics from 7-10 last night, followed by some late-night grocery shopping at albertsons. and i didn't record it. hopefully i'll get a feel for their performances in tonight's show.

how do you feel about constantine? heaven wouldn't take him, hell doesn't need him, but he lives in new york city.

most questionable song choice?
honestly, anwar, with that beautiful hair and charming smile: moon river? you have no idea what bitter hatred i have for that mancini classic. i was tortured in my beginning voice class with several (poor) renditions of the tune. and, breakfast at tiffany's, mr. mancini, i'm still wondering: Why? to be fare, i don't think it was bad. josh actually enjoyed it.

who's the new marvin gaye? travis tucker! josh was totally charmed by your sexy smile.

who rocked? well, aside from judd, who not only rocked, but rolled as never seen before on AI.... i think i would have to give kudos to bo bice. josh wants him to make it to the next round just because of the way he dresses. if he makes it to the top 12, he'll probably earn an extreme makeover a la ABC or Queer Eye. however, the guy has a voice, and energy. we'll just have to wait and see.

well, unless kidchamp hints at it sooner, i'll be waiting on pins and needles and setting the vcr to record alias for a 10 o'clock viewing. hope you'll be joining me! go, Judd!

well the spoils are out... don't read the comments if you're on the west coast is all i can say!

Monday, February 21, 2005

::born free (writing)::

well, this weekend's sloth didn't just breed laziness and bedsores. i'm enjoying a lovely three day weekend (i love working for a bank!) and yesterday was thus inspired to compose (music). i sat down at the piano, though so dreadfully out-of-tune, and worked up a theme. and, rather than throw it away, like i do with so many other impromptu compositions, i dug out the manuscript paper, rustled up a mechanical pencil and eraser from my backpack (yup, it's the math this semester), and started scribbling away.

what a wonderful feeling! what an incredible sense of calm! i know this language which allows me to transcribe my spur-of-the-moment piddlings into something which will preserve the inspiration!!! holy cow! it's just like freewriting (or steam of consciousness writing), only requiring an extra step to translate the notes onto paper. i quickly realized how out of practice i was as i debated treble vs. bass clef, key and time signature. though it didn't take long, it certainly doesn't come naturally to me. i wish it would. i wish i didn't have to fight so hard with my notes and my pencil in order to put them on paper.

when you love something so much, as i love music, it can become one huge, impassioned road block. i'm hoping to continue on this path to recovery and become more well-adjusted to the process. but it all takes time. something which i can't seem to get enough of.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

::judd harris for american idol::

well, there you have it: you know who i'm voting for! now you can show your support to the world by going here (incidently, the "vote for judd" logo is also a link.) if anyone has a more creative suggestion, i'm open. kidchamp asked me to join in the fray, so here i am.

what are you doing monday night? i'm watchin' american idol!

update: whilst i thought i was simply being cute, it looks like i may have to come up with some alternate artwork and cafepress has put the "vote for judd" merch on hold, pending approval. here's to hoping they'll be specific on what they don't like: i honestly don't know how Napoleon Dynamite could have a copyright on the whole "vote for..." thing, but i've a feeling it concerns the use of the name "American Idol". please stand by...

2.23.05 update: ok, the final word is this: i need permission from FOX to use the name of the show on a t-shirt. and i also need permission from judd (please make it to the next round!) to use his name/likeness on a t-shirt and provide such to cafepress.com. of course it's FOX that worries me the most, and i haven't even received one of those generic "we received your email..." emails from the request i sent them (who can i contact, etc.). so, things are on hold for now. i will definitely keep you updated on any major breakthroughs....

judd, if you read this, please forward me a photo i can crop and put on here instead of me linking to FOX's photo...it would just be a lot more kosher. please!

::around the sun::

R.E.M. continues to create new music these days which moves me to the core. they've come a long way since high school. no longer the band that's losing my religion, they're becoming more moody and heartfelt. high speed train is probably one of my new favorites. i'm in love with the "party shuffle" feature on iTunes because it allows me to explore my music collection to the deepest depths, unearthing tunes that i haven't listened to in ages and reminding me what excellent musical tastes i have. don't mind the fact that i'm still lounging in my pjs: it's Saturday! and a 3-day weekend. oh, yeah!

Thursday, February 17, 2005

::go fly a kite!::

there were some interesting sights today at lunchtime. after eating my sandwich in my car, i was driving through several interconnecting parking lots on my way to rite aid for some mint chip ice cream. approaching big lots, i happened upon this scene: a woman, in her 40's, flying a kite. it is cold and windy. her back is to me and a small white dog is sitting at her feet, watching her. i slowly make my way around her, trying not to startle either of them. the dog is on a leash, but the woman doesn't have it tethered to anything. passing her, the kite nosedives into the pavement next to me. i try not to run it over. i think i am successul.

this is san juan capistrano. there is a park not half a mile away. but she's flying a kite in the middle of a parking lot. yeah. humm.

and, actually, this was the only interesting sight. sorry to disappoint ya.

Monday, February 14, 2005


ok, nothing wrong with valentine's day: i'm married, after all. my honey is built in and guaranteed on today and on all other days of the week/month/year. but i've had the flu for, let's say (rounding up...) a week now. and i'm not feeling a whole heckuva lot better. still, josh is bringing home a little sum-sum from P.F. Chang's tonight since i lack the energy to go OUT to dinner. providing the antibiotics don't induce a massive attack of stomach cramps, this will be a much welcomed change from soup and chamomile tea and juice and water and more soup. yeah, josh! i love you!

by the way, this picture was taken at The Standard Hotel a couple of weeks ago. This sticker was on every roll of toilet paper! i could hardly contain myself: i took a total of 4 shots, just for the sticker! perhaps this digital camera thing is getting out of hand???

happy (*cough, cough*) valentine's day, reader!

Thursday, February 10, 2005

::sick of it all::

ok, i've sat on my butt all day long here.... another day home from work. i purchased updated virus protection for my computer and spent a good 2 hours downloading and restarting. oh, joy!

new york was wonderful & full of brilliance & overbearing insomnia (or was i still on west coast time?). but it also gave me the flu. did i mention it was well worth it? pictures coming soon... check FuriousFotos.

josh & i have decided to return this year, predicated on the "i must see spam-a-lot" mantra i've been carrying around in my head since we passed the shubert theatre. the website is brilliant, as is the cast, and i think we'll find last weekend's lovely hosts very willing to attend.

thusfar i have toyed with the idea of dropping my astronomy class, but josh reminded me the reason i started back with school in the first place. so, no matter how tedious the professor is, i'll stick with it. josh is awesome. and i really couldn't be successful in school without him. honestly.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

::furiously busy::

i'm leavin' on a jet plane....

thank you, readers, i shall see you next week after the dust settles & the jet lag wears off.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

::happy groundhog's day::

care of Kavee Thongprecha. it's my birthday, too. woo. go me. (to work, that is)