11 dec 2012

without further ado, my 101 in 1001 is officially completed. items #52 and #99 beg audience participation: please weigh in with a recommended book/movie in the comments. i reserve the right to choose a previous referral, as some of you weighed in on that before my bunionectomy.

getting this list exactly where i wanted it took a great deal more time than i anticipated. i intended to start last month, having already chipped away at a few intended items...i experimented with a fresh sugar pumpkin on election night by baking up a batch of vegan pumpkin scones. then on thanksgiving i cooked up a delicious caramelised cranberry apple sauce by the passionate gordon ramsay. for the first time i cooked with caster (baker's) sugar, star anise, and cardamom pods. well, my friends, let the cooking experimentations continue! i have thoroughly enjoyed myself and number 74 will certainly open my eyes to more possibilities.

here we go!