november 2003 archive

Thursday, November 13, 2003


care of cost plus, josh & i are now the proud owners of 2 soho sofas, a coffee table & end table (see the upper right-hand corner of this). wow. i can't believe what it does for our house! woo hoo!!!

aside from this, life is relatively drama free. amazing, eh?

Sunday, November 02, 2003

::the old is new again::

well, back to work for the bank as of this past thursday. leaving the company on wednesday was a teary-eyed occasion (for the people i will definitely be missing, as well as certain creative aspects of the job). while i've learned a bit from the various challenges i've faced, i'm pleasantly looking forward to some peace & quiet. perhaps in a job which does not demand so very much of my life, i will actually begin living life, instead of living my job. for many years i have sought satisfaction out of the work that i do. i am only now realizing how temporary that is, and, how much i really just want to spend more time & energy on things that matter more: family, friends, music, home...various things that i believe God would have me focusing on more than my job.

ever since my trip to new zealand, i found that i really had burdened myself down with this previous job. i thought and worried about it on vacations when i should have been enjoying my surroundings. i admired the kiwis i met who seemed so laid back in their jobs. restaurant dining took at least 2 hours, compared to so-cal's hustle and bustle. it was more relaxed, and i've contemplated my priorities ever since. and i finally got the courage to do something about it. believe me, whether or not the people at my previous place of employment realize it, the decision to move on was emotionally challenging. i have invested more of me in that job than almost anything...with the exception of my stint at the original pancake house as an assistant manager. i have been involved and the people have been a family to me. i really do hope that we can all keep in touch. it has been hard to leave the project i started unfinished. i took an awful lot of pride in my contribution to the company. and, perhaps that was what made me so weak in the end? so ready to get on to something that wasn't as personal? it's hard to say. all of these are simply thoughts on paper, coming out as i contemplate them in real time.

life is good. God is good. i'm doing better than i deserve and i'm thankful for all that i have: husband, family, friends, home, and more.