2021 - looks like we made it

i woke up around 10:30, as i champion sleep like it's an olympic sport. i am lucky my cats don't eat me alive, but they seem content to cuddle until i stir; then there is no question of their hunger. or really, zelda's hunger. moxie would be content to remain tucked cozily between my legs.

here we are in a new year, which so far is not that much different from 2020, but is something we all presumably have a lot banking on.

let's not get ahead of ourselves.

i will start with a day. today i went for a walk, battled in pok√©mon raids locally and abroad (new zealand!), and partnered with e in england for an espurr raid. i watched the film hidden figures while slowly grazing on homemade soup and a vegan caesar salad. 

one day at a time. let's go.