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::got to get one!::
this toothbrush comes conveniently with a USB cable. what will they think of next???


::news from wellington::
traveling to new zealand only confirms my love for going abroad. though i am still in love with sydney, this has been quite an adventure. our stay has included a brief sojourn in auckland, on to piopio, to taupo, napier and on a plane to wellington, where we are now. tomorrow we leave for nelson.

it has been quite different seeing things this way: traveling with josh's family is a compromise. though you wouldn't find me complaining, i will tell you we have different tastes in travel. i much prefer the lightly planned travel path and this has been extremely thought out and very busy.

kiwis are astoundingly friendly, polite, talkative, and generous. i fell in love with carmel farms in an instant, barbara & leo are such lovely people.

at anyrate, i will leave this rough & unfinished because i am at a cafe & don't have the time to think that i would like to. cheers!


::a day::

leisurely drive to heather's house today to visit my nephews. my ipod keeps me company and i enjoy the uneventful drive by my lonesome. the scenery is like a patchwork quilt: bright yellow and orange flowers trim the asphalt path. there are groupings of green, sedona-like patterns in the red rock, and even a hill that looks like a hand, with grooves in it where fingers should be.

Tom's Farm. Who is Tom? "Fresh Fruit" the sign boasts. i veer from my destination for a moment. hoards of people scattered amongst the acres, various farm-style houses with yellow wood siding and green trim call to me. "Wine and Cheese" it says. i park, carefully exiting the passenger's side door because a lady is changing her kid's diaper. whew. past the roasted corn on the cob (did that at Bondi Beach in Sydney last year. not as exciting as it sounds). past the popcorn (is it kettle corn? i am not close enough to tell).
into the shoppe i go, a heaven of smoked fish and meat, salami, cheese, wine, pie, sauces and spices and saurkraut. saurkraut! i end up with a jones peach juice beverage, hot french bread, dry salami encrusted with herbs (herbs!) and a "cheese torte: with kalamato olives and topped with sweet red peppers". heaven! i never do find the fresh fruit the sign bragged about. i must move on.

knocking at the door, a small voice from inside bounces excitedly into my ears. i love visiting my nephews.


::thank you::

through music and lyrics i hear you
these songs are yours
and i'm writing this for you
though you may never know

honestly now
is there something wrong
in a world where we cannot coexist
without conflict
without difficulty
without regret
that is me without you

love flickers in the distance
casts a warm glow on memories
past is dim
beaming faintly through the darkness
you are there

i raise my hand
one final gesture of goodwill
confident in the decision
i turn
i go



there is something to be said about music and it's affect on me. one single sound takes me back to a memory as though i were reliving it all over again. it tortures me at times, but i love it. dido's music will always remind me of the time monty ran away.
i am currently eating up itunes (because i didn't eat dinner?) and customizing my playlist for ipod. josh has made me an apple fanatic.

i'm off to albertacos. yummy.

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