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Monday, August 04, 2003


sarah d____ gets here in a few short days and the scrambling to create the model home ensues! i wandered into cost plus today after work & proceeded to dream up the ultimate b&b; experience for her weekend stay and shortly after that reshelved the new bath rug and pint of lavendar lotion. i know that she will love me no matter how bare things are right now, and that i will love me so long as it is ridiculously clean. though i dream of IKEA furnishings and painted walls and window coverings, we will survive. so long as the house is clean. as in, i live with my mother clean. my mother taught me everything i need to know about clean. and, well, just don't invite her over for the inspection YET, cuz i'm not ready. that's how not-clean the house is now.

so, how clean IS THAT? as in, make sarah wonder if i still own two cats clean. as in, where did all the dust go clean. as in, let's eat dinner off the toilet clean. or perhaps that's going too far but it still should be THAT CLEAN. as in, will i ever get to sleep tonight clean.

or, if i don't get home soon, it's still going to be very dirty, clean.

i tire of this. and so must you. i will be unreachable for the next week, please send an owl if it's urgent. (yes, that was a harry potter reference. they're really entertaining books!!!)


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