31 oct 2012

i've spent a couple of hours in the blog-o-sphere, tweaking and fine tuning. i'm tired and still feel compelled to write, which may result in non sequiturs or brilliance. perhaps its the anticipation of NaNoWriMo, which may or may not happen this year. i've made attempts in years past, but at my best i only progressed one-fifth of the way there. still, if things could line themselves up, this year is the year to make it happen. i have no classes (tomorrow's final wraps things up until january).

halloween was over-anticipated this year. two bags of candy filled a large glass bowl and overflowed into a pot; one crowd of kidlets ventured to the door. my roomie played scary music and there was ghoulish decor. alas, now we have a boatload of sugar screaming to be eaten in the entryway. most of that pile is coming with me to work. i'd rather sweeten up the customers than have butterfingers and snickers copulating in my tummy.

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