09 jan 2013

i have an inkling this may be one of a series, but to bring you up-to-date in the briefest of moments, i had bunion surgery on november 28. recovery has been tough, but not impossible. i've many great friends and family who've helped me along the way. and i'm not gonna lie: winning the weekly drawing from trader joe's today for a $20 gift card made me all shades of happy as my bank account is funneled to doctors, hospitals, and cvs pharmacies. i want to say i'm over all the MRIs, x-rays and physical therapy. alas, it looks like i'm only growing more prolific in my medical education.

today i was referred to an orthopedist for my shoulder pain, and i anticipate another MRI to uncover what's wrong (this will be number 4 since august). "sounds like a torn rotator cuff," my doctor (pcp) said. only the MRI will tell me definitively what's wrong, and i can't move forward without all the facts.

so i'm writing because it's tough, and i have a hard time occasionally, and i'm only human and all that stuff. i'm not really sure how i'm getting through this at times because i want to cry, kick, and scream when the pain gets intense. but there are so many good things going on as well. i recognize these things and i celebrate them.

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