20 jan 2014

i went to my first (and only) coachella 3 years ago. it was some of the most fun i've ever had for 3 days in a row. it was thrilling and exhausting. it was also expensive. while i think that there's a lot of value built in to the cost (how many bands can you see? i felt like i was riding a roller coaster!), what was even more valuable to me that year was all the new music i was introduced to: fitz & the tantrums, givers, and m ward come to mind, though i can assure you there were many more groups thanks to the friends i was with.

last year i enjoyed the concert from the comfort of a friend's home with an extra-large television and a fast internet connection streaming youtube's broadcast. hot chip really killed it for me (among others, they were the stand out that night). it also helped that there was a comfortable sofa, a whole artichoke for me to eat by myself, and soft blankets. 

over the next several weeks, i will go through the entire lineup, a-to-z, and let you know what i think. it will go something like this: 
  • i'll let you know how familiar i was with the music prior to this experiment, 
  • i promise listen to at least three of the top-rated songs (via spotify) so that i can say i gave them a fair shake, 
  • i'll offer a brief bio of the group
  • and finally, i'll let you know what i thought of the artist/band
the official coachella line up can be found here. i've already begun my research, and i have all of the "a" bands queued up. see you soon!

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