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Wednesday, April 23, 2003

::part deux::

i got lucky! after work, josh & i went to boomers! (formerly palace park) to hit the batting cages & air hockey. i suck at hitting balls, and when i did make contact, my metal bat trembled so strongely my hands became numb. air hockey was wonderful: josh won both games. the second game was technically unfinished because the machine shut off when we were tied 5 to 5. i'd like to accuse josh of cheating, since i helped him score more than once, but i believe he just does better at it than me. our normal game, house of the dead 2 only had one gun, and someone was playing house of the dead 3, so that's what led to the air hockey match. let me tell you, dinner @ wahoo's and less than $10 @ the fun park: i AM a cheap date! proud of it, too. ;)

::it's not half bad::

occasionally work days get extra silly and jokes fly about like spit-wads in a junior high classroom (i'll ask teri about this, but it's a theory i hold and it looks good on paper). today was not such a day. (Ha! caught you off guard did i?) i am feeling exhausted and i am left feeling drained and lethargic. my eyelids are dry, i'm congested, and it's been a day of getting nothing done. i can't figure it out. i worked, i know i did. i answered emails, and phone calls, and shipped out packages.... all i want to do now is curl up with a good book & and a hot chai @ gypsy den and just chill. it's all about the comfort food right now.

on the other hand, i could get lucky. ;)

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

::the beatles::

making a mix for my co-worker of different beatles albums and am totally convinced that abbey road and revolver are my top favorites. i get stuck on "she came in through the bathroom window" and "i'm only sleeping". plus, i'm a sucker for "eleanor rigby". i blame my piano teacher, linda mazich (govel now) for that: there was a time she just started playing it and she was so animated...it was a perfect moment. i'll never forget it. i wish someone would make music like this today, but jason faulkner and jon brion will come close, so obviously inspired. the most innovative out there today, doing their part to change the face of rock-n-roll? radiohead has my vote. locals i admire include peoplemover and, as of yesterday, bullets of orange. (links would be helpful. i promise you some in the future).

Sunday, April 20, 2003

::a sorta fairytale::

album of the month for me would have to be scarlet's walk by tori amos. simply breath-taking beauty. i bought a book of sheet music in an effort to play like her and i'm nowhere near as talented. at least, not at sight-reading. i'm trying to get back into music more & more and as it goes, i am getting better. the piano still needs tuning, though it sounds remarkably in tune for as far as it has traveled. i have a tendency to play what i know or try making things up on my own rather than to practice. a habit josh promises to break as he insists i am much more talented then i let on. i will agree with him on that: i am playing beneath my abilities these days.

still trying desperately to figure out the balancing act of my life: how to juggle josh, housework, hanging with friends, going to the gym, OH! and work (ha ha ha) into one plausible lifestyle. perhaps i am trying to do too much, but something tells me it's not impossible. of course there is more to my existence than those five activities mentioned above: #4 certainly hasn't happened much at all since i've returned from vacation in february. my friend erin promises to whip me into shape now that she is back from her road trip and i am certainly dreading & looking forward to it all at once. it's for my own good! at any rate, timing has been something that i have been challenged with, not to mention my inability to keep in touch with friends and family. i mean, all this time that i have been away from my blog, i hadn't called my parents once! this is remedied, i assure you, but i just wish i could get a bit more caught up with things. it's a process, and, i'm learning.

things are so different being married. i mean this in the sense that there is more to consider in making plans and determining how the day goes. do we carpool to work or take two separate cars? starbucks or no starbucks? who gets to keep the car? feed the cats, empty the cat box. eat. gym or no gym? (no gym...) what movie do you want to see? do you want to rent one instead? ok, these are all very trite things, but those are the sort of things that fly around our household these days and i'm telling you, every day is a new day with new decisions. some of the most excitement in our lives has come from the following:

"would you feed the cats?" (me)
"ok." (josh)
"oh MAN!" "Sheesh!" "Dangit!"
"What's wrong?"
"(sigh) Do you need my help?" (silent prayer. i HATE ants. i know i will help, but i still ask.)
"i'll be all right."
"ok" (a minute later, i rise from my comfortable hole in bed and put down my book. the ants are here by the hundreds: a black line tramps through the carpet and encircles the dishes of cat food) "i hate ants!!!"

such is our exciting life! this has happened twice in the past 2 weeks. i had a bad feeling when our first year in this house went by without incident. california is, apparently, built on an ant hill. i am so ordinary.... :)

::earth to earth::

early easter a.m. here. i'm ready for bed but feel that, deservedly, that my readers deserve an update. sadly, not much of one to give! josh & i have been extrememly busy with work and just life in general: taxes, bill paying, you know, the exciting stuff. (!) we've actually had quite a time of it getting together with friends & family (saturday was a busy one!) and at any rate, it's challenging at best to keep up with this at times.

my comments feature seems to have fallen off the face of the earth, but i guess that's ok since i only had one person ever write to me in it ;) (thank you, sarah!). can't say i'll be hunting down that feature again in the near future. it could happen though!

with that, i am exhausted and off to bed. Happy Easter everyone and God bless you!

Thursday, April 10, 2003

::deep into the rabbit hole::

it's a simply gorgeous day here in southern california. the kind that wants to be played in. i am at work. inside the cool air conditioned building, i sit at my computer, blinking and typing. work work work. gosh i just want to get out of here! but, not alone. i'd take one or two buddies with me. let us have a half day! i beg you! oh, wait, i think i forgot myself for a moment.

i pat my head several times throughout the day today. where is my hair? where did it go? in the shower this morning, i could hardly stand the feel of it as i tried to clean all the little clippings stuck on my strands of hair. it's WEIRD!

the time clock tells me i must get return to my regularly scheduled programming. (ohmygosh, english IS my second language!)

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

::the cat's miaow::

on the superficial level in my life, i finally got the pixie haircut i've been working up to all this time. "b" cut & cut until it turned out just right. we shared travel tales (she just returned from italy) and joked about the steak that was thawing in her kitchen. it's been there for 36 hours. on the counter. no air conditioning. she's worried about the stench?! i suppose i'd be a better friend to her if i offered to go home with her and make sure it wasn't moving....but i didn't!

the throat is feeling much much better. i don't know yet whether the zyrtec is the source of all my troubles, but i will wait to find out: stuffed nose & itchy watery eyes and all.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003


everyday i wake up
i try to swallow a glass of water
i feel like someone has vacuumed all the moisture
out of my throat
and caressed it

i am still clueless as to what is causing this, so i am quitting all the zyrtec (which promises sore throats as a nasty side affect) and will wait and see if my self-doctoring pays off. i still take ibuprofen once a day to stave off the daily aches, but come on now: the fever is gone! i'm not sick! (insert monty python voiceover here) i'm getting better!

on a somber note, both sarah's husband, bill, and josh's cousin, gary, were shipped out last week. it's hard to know what to say or feel. this is a new & unnerving experience for me, among many others. we are praying for your safe return, men!

Saturday, April 05, 2003

::road to recovery::

mom's home remedies (gargling with salt water!) still work: even webmd endorses them! josh is down for the count too. such impeccable timing for the weekend!

Friday, April 04, 2003

::bored to tears::

home sick today with horrible sore throat (is that thingy that dangles at the back of my throat normally that read & swollen???) and feverish chills. this sucks! not enough energy to tackle housework or laundry, more than enough for lying in bed all day...i think. so, here it is, my top five things to do when you're sick:

1. read
(perhaps i'll make it through fellowship of the ring in the LOTR trilogy)

2. watch a movie
(close encounters has #1 priority here: i've never seen it!)

3. drink
(juice, water, soup, anything. josh bought this soy juice beverage yesterday which is a scary shade of pink, but quite delicious. he describes it as drinking strawberry oatmeal. i had to let that thought sit for almost 10 minutes before i could bring myself to take a sip!)

4. surf the net
(quietly, the internet takes me all sorts of places beyond my sickly world of nonproductive behavior. i am finding i am too tired to type though. will try to squeeze in an email here & there)

5. sleep
(ah yes, random naps every few hours as i collapse from exhaustion)

Tuesday, April 01, 2003

::ode to chips::

have'a corn chips are delicious. by themselves. with salsa. especially the fresh salsa that the business-to-business food service "lori's kitchen" brings to The Company. umm. yummy.

just finished work here obviously and as you can tell, the brain cells are kind of colliding with each other to for a rather mushy gray matter . and me, i am wishing i could write something abundantly more creative! give a girl a break, will ya?! i try....

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