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Sunday, July 25, 2004

::strange sights::

new york is full of eye candy & wonderfully eccentric things. the following pictures were taken at the prada store in soho. i tried to be discreet in this one (sans flash) and it turned out wonderfully well considering it was taken, literally, from the hip!

this was the window display, but thankfully i'm learning some things about photography and had sense enough not to use the flash. besides, the reflections of passersby (myself included!) give it a great deal of character and just a wonderful texture.

i have so many wonderful tales from our trip, but this week has been insane, as you may very well imagine, considering recent events. bits & pieces will be trickling in, and there are plenty of photos to share, so keep checking back!

Monday, July 19, 2004

::in memorium::

still grappling with recent events....
josh & i found out when we were out to breakfast on friday at the restaurant where she used to work as a general manager. the owner knew that we were friends and told us shortly before we sat down to eat. for some reason, the fabulous fare he serves up just didn't taste as good that day. and it was sheer force of will not to order the pomegranate mimosa, because my whole body just grieved with the thought of erin at that moment: what she had experienced, the absolute horror of it all. i cried.

still, this isn't about me. it's about Erin, and her incredible bravery over the past week. and it's about the humanity and generosity of those whose lives this story has touched, who have reached out to lend a hand. it is encouraging to see such generosity, if even at the hands of complete strangers.

in lieu of flowers, please send donations in memory of Deborah Williams to Laura's House.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

::it's just not like this::

when i began writing this blog, i hoped to grow my writing capabilities through personal experience. and, after visiting new york, i've certainly consumed a great deal & will therefore have much food for thought in the coming weeks. perhaps months.

still, i never expected to come home to such sobering news as one of my great friends, erin, discovered the body of her mother in a condo in san clemente. the only word to describe my friday: surreal.

it felt like most of the smoldering heat stood still today as i debated on whether or not to relate my experience to a larger audience. now is, perhaps, the poorest time to do so as i am hankering for my pillow. however, after a casual evening with close friends, i am touched by the outpouring of love for erin & her family from her family & friends & acquaintances. people have come out of the woodwork to aid with just about everything. and if you knew erin, let me tell you, she deserves it.

with that i go, slowly, to bed.

editor's note...yes, it was late when i wrote this and i just kind of took out a few things. i will update here to say that the boyfriend turned himself in on friday and pretty much confessed. also, chloe was found & is safe with erin. i also updated the like to what was a somewhat better link in the oc register.

Friday, July 16, 2004

::it's a new york state of mind::

there were a zillion wonderful things about new york city which moved me and i can't wait to go back. it is a strange feeling to be back home again, but sleeping in my own bed was a treat compared with the horrible hotel bed we crashed on late every night. we managed to stay on pacific standard time pretty much, so i'm not feeling terribly jet-lagged at the moment.

perhaps the interesting part is being away from the news for such a time. and to come home, intent on catching up on the usual blogs i read, and finding this article. read for yourself and you'll understand the shock. then imagine you too had just returned from new york and seen what remains in place of the once great world trade center twin towers.

Friday, July 09, 2004


well, folks, it's summertime. and summertime is known for many things. soon to be known by me, this would include: david letterman, the empire state building, broadway, old friends, le pain quotidien, soho, and much much more. so i bid you all a fond farewell for now and the 'muse will return to it's regular scheduled programming in about a week. nyc or bust!

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