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Saturday, March 18, 2006


i didn't expect to write as soon, but i feel a need to rant at that company that decided to backorder a friend's url and managed to snap it up the minute it expired while she was OUT OF TOWN. has this happened to you? did you get it back? i mean, dude, it's a BLOG she's had for 5 years. i'm crossing fingers and toes she gets it back, and without getting taken to the cleaners. still, it's a ridiculous ploy to make a fast buck off the little people. argh!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

the 501 blues

it's not about my levi's. it's just about the next 7 days of my life. starting...now. i officially sit with my stomach in knots. i'm unsure if it's related to the naked juice vanilla chai protein beverage i grabbed on the way out the door, or the fact that i've been up since...(counting on fingers)...for eight hours already (check the timestamp, do the math, use fingers or toes if you're lacking), or the troop of ants who greeted me at the kitchen sink in those wee hours, or that i'm a woman, or that i haven't finished the papers that are due today. i've made preliminary arrangements to turn them in tomorrow...i did that at 10am this morning, but i'm still upset about it. why blog then? stress relief, i guess. and i'm tired. i should nap, but that would entail tromping off to my car since i won't fall asleep and drool on myself in front of complete strangers and potential classmates. it's tempting though.

"the 501 blues" are also a sign that i've passes the "500 posts" mark, which may have something to do with the length of time it takes my posts to post these days. blogger, i love you, but mayhaps i'm bogging you down? one of these days we'll look into this further. next week we'll explore the 502 blues, which is much less depressing and involves the pretenders, gardening, shopping at west elm, and a trip to disneyland (yoshimi, are you game?).

oh, and for my friends who are neil gaiman fans, check his blog--a recent "blog of note" on blogger.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

the sofa has landed!

New Sofa!
Originally uploaded by furiousmuse.
just an update on the furniture situation. we ordered this sectional back in january and just got it on saturday. it's been getting a lot of companionship today as i slave away on my homework. oh, how comfy it is! i'm totally thrilled with the color. strangely named "pumice", it looks nothing like those rectangles i use to whittle away at my calloused feet.
unfortunately moxie has a strange facination with the fireplace which demands my attention. the water bottle is failing in all areas of "get away from there it's HOT!" so i'd better turn it off.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

today is...

...the day i return to lowercase letters. don't ask. it's not that i'm lazy (the proof is found in the papers i write). perhaps it's because it allows my thoughts to fall on the page more swiftly and without the hinderance of shift+__. after all, i still take time to insert punctuation. yeah! punctuation! ...
i was cruising myspace just now and found elbow on there (seeing them next month: oh, yeah!). it was bizarre, because i noticed goldfrapp is one of their friends. my bottom line then: how many of the bands on myspace are actually represented by some member of the band, and not some label flunkie. humm.
oh, yeah, and i also found out that a friend request i recently declined was from my friend's wife. geeze.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Word Count

I've lost track of the number of words I've typed this quarter (two more weeks til finals!), but I will share that I've composed four papers averaging 4 pages (double-spaced), four (should've been five) 2-page papers averaging 600 words, read 32 poems, 5 plays, and 7 books averaging 400 pages each. That's AVERAGE. The books, well, they've all been read in theory, but to date I've only managed to get through 2 books in their entirety. Major chunks of text have been digested, but I could really go for a course in speed reading at this point because my frustration can only be measured in pounds. Seven books in ten weeks...it's an exercise in sanity for sure. I can only hope that next quarter will find me better accustomed with the pace of things.

Being a vegetarian is fun so far. I even survived a night out at sushi--though I was sad to learn that the miso soup has a fish broth base. I've cooked tofu and noodles, stocked up on brown rice, and hard-boiled a dozen eggs. The point has been made about watching my cholesterol, so i won't be living on egg salad sandwiches. Still, hard-boiling eggs was fun!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

No. 74

"Go vegetarian for a month" it says. So, this is the month. I bought 2 dozen eggs at Costco to celebrate (amongst other supplies). Thank God vegetarians can eat eggs! The hardest thing to give up for me: fish (I love sushi!). Concurrently, I will probably be able to avoid fast food this month, too. Does that count? Did I make some sort of clause against that? Ah, yes. Number 53: no fast food, including pizza. Well, I'll give it a go anyway. Pizza might have been my saving grace: is it that bad? After all: Z Pizza is all organic.... I'll also have a crack at #47 (going to the gym 3x/week for 6 months).

Ah, the joys of a cluttered schedule!

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