7 sept 2013

another turn 'round the sun...

this year has gone by swiftly. every day chock-full of schooling and working and plans and packing and moving and spending time with this person and that person. this morning is the first time i've woken up to find myself alone, apartment empty, cats purring, eagerly anticipating breakfast. or, at the very least, it's the first of its kind in recent memory where i'm not rushing off to break the reverie by running errands or driving to an internship or planning for the future. don't get me wrong--i have things to do. the list looks like this (in no particular order): 
  • go to work, research/prep for interview
  • play piano
  • evaluate scholarship essays
  • call my sis about dinner
  • unpack file cabinet boxes
  • go to gym
  • read
  • organize clothes in closet 
what i'm saying is that it's nice to sit around with my coffee and watch a russell brand interview that makes me laugh, read a few pages of fitzgerald, and play with the cats. no tv this morning. i think i waste too much time on television and netflix videos, but sometimes it's the easiest way to decompress. that said, i frequently look back on all those hours and think i could have written to jason or robyn or adrienne (to name just a few). but i've been so worn out, friends. i don't give myself a break. ever. until today. even with a list of tasks to be tackled, i feel positive and energetic.

what's new? new digs that provide amazing sunrise sky-scapes and plenty of space for my stuff. job opportunities & interviews. love. music.

on that note, and want for introspection and quiet, i leave you with a link to a video from campfire ok, one of my favorite discoveries of the year. check them out, if you will. i've enjoyed them immensely. 

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