06 nov 2013

My Sister is My Hero

On Monday, she told me she was one of 14 people laid off by her employer. 
Today she announced that she starts her new job on Monday. 
She hadn't even filed for unemployment. 

my sister and i didn't get along while we were growing up. she is six years older than me. we had issues.

all of that changed when our parents moved out of state. i was about 20 at the time. my sister was there for me countless times--long before we developed a keen friendship with each other. she helped me move  on an emergency basis when i had the flu. she took me under her wing when there weren't many people around who could help me.

these days we get along better than i ever dreamed we would. life keeps each of us so busy, and i don't see her nearly as much as i would like to, but i really look up to her. she has a beautiful family and she tirelessly cares for them and gives herself to them. she loves her husband and her kids with all her heart. she's not the perfect mom or wife, but those roles have little to do with perfection anyhow.

this little blurb is only the tip of the iceberg of words, thoughts, and memories that i hold in my heart when i think about my big sister. she has taught me more than she knows, and i am eternally grateful that she cares for me as a friend and as a sister. thank you, heather, for being a part of my life and inviting me into yours, even though i came after you with a screwdriver that time when were were kids and even though i moved into your room when you moved out of our parent's house and even though i made you laugh that one time you were buzzed and getting your blood pressure checked at the grocery store at 10 o'clock at night. your blood pressure was higher than ever!

i love you, sis.

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