13 nov 2013

it's a three-day work week for me. i should be gung-ho, but instead there's this feeling gnawing at my brain. it took me an hour to get home. then i sat in my car for another 20 minutes, unmoving, staring at my phone.

dinner was a quick turn-around as i reheated homemade lentil soup and quinoa for dinner. i talked to my sister for a while, enjoying the rare opportunity to chat at length about our lives and various happenings. i caught up with my roommate, too. then claire danes was on tv in "brokedown palace," so i watched that for a while.

my hat's off to writers who write for a living. these days i'm up at 5:30 am and i analyze for 9 hours. today, i don't have anything left to give. tonight, i'm going to bed on time. here's some adorable kitten photos*.

* here's the link from the article to ben torode's getty images page. because the internet NEEDS MOAR KITTENS.

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