10 nov 2013

when i consider the amount of music i listen to and the rarity with which i share my explorations, i understand how my previous post may have fallen flat on some levels. initially i posted a link to an official video by junip. i watched the video half a day later: what. the. ...?

i grew up during the dawn of mtv in a house that never had cable television. friends would be all, "have you seen the new video for ____?" and my reply would inevitably be, "...." i never appreciated the merging of art forms, and posting the video link for junip's "the line of fire" is a perfect example of my oblivion to how bizarre these productions can become (it is now replaced by a soundcloud link, which is still slightly distracting if you watch the animation throughout the playback).

what videos have i watched that i have enjoyed? well, ok go has produced a couple of them.

what i like about these videos is the whimsy and simplicity. i understand that they may be slightly gimmicky--the second video what used in a car commercial--but unlike the video i originally posted yesterday, there is nothing on screen to spoil or detract from the song. it's the band, they are having fun, and you still get the unspoiled song. soap operas are distracting.

in terms of artistic renderings that i have seen which are enormously successful, i would say that gotye truly hit the mark for me with these two:

the videos fit the songs. the animation, the insertion of drama, it enhances the pathos rather than pushing me away from the music and into some ridiculous story.

i detect a pattern here...and maybe this is because i missed the whole mtv heyday and am dependent on internet wanderings and social media postings from friends. every video i like involves the band in some way. in case you weren't sure, here are a few more good ones to round out the bunch:

visual interpretation: it it more appealing when it supports the music. but hey, maybe i've lived the sheltered life and i'm missing out on something that is more successful. in fact, i'm sure i am. i know for a fact michel gondry has directed some fantastic videos for the likes of bjork, beck, and daft punk. have i simply gotten to that crotchety age where that sort of approach to art has lost its appeal to me?

so i ask the reader: enlightened me. give me a good song, a creative "official" video, and help me know that modern music and advancements in cinematic artistry haven't left each other at the alter.


  1. i _loved_ that. the video didn't echo the lyrics directly, the band was not in it, & it was fun and funny and interesting when it took a turn about three-quarters of the way through. i was quirky, but right up my alley.

    i maintain that the junip video for "line of fire" was distracting and disturbingly uncomfortable for me. it serves more successfully as part of the breaking bad soundtrack at the end of the second to last episode in the series.

    thank you for playing!