07 nov 2013

most of you know my passion for music. when i hear something that resonates with me, the words in me flounder around. much of the time i don't know how to tell you why i love this song or that. to take words--words which i love--and use those to describe such evocative sounds as they swim though my head and my heart...!

junip is a new discovery for me. and, how fitting that the song linked below is also featured on the breaking bad soundtrack. two more episodes to go and my heart is getting broken every 5 minutes it seems. it's like a slow motion suicide, watching the plot unfold and wrap up. very much worth watching. i don't know if i've ever been moved so steadily by a "television show," and that description hardly seems sufficient. but, back to music.

i would swear i have heard junip prior to last month. was a song featured in garden state? did my friend erin put it on a mix? 

i like how the keyboards and the vocals crowd together in the mix. his voice is soothing and haunting at once. 

what recent discovery is tickling your fancy these days?

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