12 nov 2013

{spoiler potential is high. i'm allowing myself several minutes to write and i'm not going to be worrying over what details spill out. you've been properly advised.}

i realize that i've watched a number of television series from top to bottom: twin peaks, x-files, alias, six feet under, lost, and most recently: breaking bad. i concluded my 2-3 months* of breaking bad on sunday and i have no idea where to even begin.

on september 29, while i was still working my way through season 2, my friend vicki updated her facebook status to read:
As of a week ago this past Friday, I was a Breaking Bad virgin. I have now watched 61 episodes in a little over a week and am just a bit psychologically damaged by the rabbit hole I tumbled down. I now understand why [my friends] crave articles about cute, fuzzy animals to combat the darkness. For the record, my husband has requested the following:

That I stop ending my sentences with "bitch."
That I no longer greet him with the phrases "Wanna cook?", "I am the danger," or "Say my name."
That I not repeatedly shout "Shut up!" when he's talking to me.
That I stop suspecting ricin poisoning when I come down with any sickness.

I am making some headway in my PBBSD (that's post Breaking Bad stress disorder for those not in the fold). I cleaned two bathrooms this week and only hid a burner cell in one of the toilet tanks and I downgraded from hiding my cash in a barrel in the backyard to just stashing it in our crawlspace. Any and all donations to help me in my fight against PBBSD can be sent to SaveVicki[...]dotcom. Thank you.

Now let's finish this. Bitch.
i found this tremendously funny and i don't even think i was at the ricin part of the story at the time. i had officially drunk the kool-aid, however, and i was in. it wasn't without some difficulty, however. one harrowing episode (season 2, episode 6 : "peekaboo") absolutely crushed me. i could barely sleep that night, horrible images that jesse saw still reeling in my head.

i have a soft heart for jesse. i hope against hope that he made it in the end (the unspoken ellipses that we are left with at the close of the show). he lost so much and while he is far from being a good guy, the show's writers did an excellent job at giving the audience many endearing qualities.

also, i just learned there is a spinoff in the works for saul goodman. i can only hope that it is more successful than the lone gunmen, but i don't think i'll be holding my breath anytime soon: only time will tell. you better believe that i'll be watching.

this is the part where i feel like apologizing: after all, my writing doesn't do the show justice, there's so much more that i could say, blah blah blah. but you and i just need to get over that bit: i'm not writing to win the pulitzer anytime soon.

watch breaking bad, if you haven't already. additional quality writing about the show may be found here and here.

*please note that i did have a false start trying to watch the show about 2 years ago. i couldn't get into it at that time. i think i only made it through two episodes. maybe three. times change!

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