08 nov 2013

15 minutes. that's all i can manage tonight. i woke up at 4:30 today and couldn't fall back asleep. my alarm sang an hour later and i've been going full boar (is that the proper expression--i don't even have time to google it for verification. or maybe i did and i'm just stuck in these parentheses.) ever since.

after work i arranged the rest of my evening, ran a couple of errands, remembered to drop off some supplies that were purchased for a volunteer gig, grabbed dinner on the go and met up with old friends for a couple hours of laughs comparable to the gang at comedy sportz. a good night.

but then it was time for the driving home, the sentimental music, the replaying of the weight of certain conversations amidst the lighthearted entertainment, the moody fog gathering heavily around the street lamps and the fat-crescent-almost-half-moon creeping between clouds when i drove by the high school that four of us graduated from.

i've lived in southern california for what feels like a long time. there are things that i miss from those days when we were teenagers. but at the same time, i wonder how much i've really, truly changed? from those days of being a marching band geek, a self-proclaimed social butterfly (i enjoyed visiting different groups of friends around campus at lunch time), awkwardly sporting oversized flannels and .... it was a long time ago, and yet it wasn't. all these experiences we go through together, the collective of humanity and then there's my small niche in the world.

so, what i'm saying is this: i'm glad to know you.

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